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  • What are the benefits of building a new Midland Center, can’t we just renovate the current facility?
    Building a new facility will allow us to expand the space available for local and nation-wide events. The expanded space will allow several large events to use the building at the same time which will potentially increase our direct revenue by more than 50%. The increase in downtown traffic will enhance commerce for businesses and restaurants in downtown Midland.
  • Why did the Midland Center close at the end of 2015?
    Based on design and construction timetables in the fall of 2015, we closed so the new Midland Convention Center, updated Centennial Plaza and Hotel Santa Rita construction would all happen at the same time to reduce traffic congestion in downtown. The Hotel Santa Rita completed their design documents in the spring of 2016. When we began design of the new Midland Convention Center in 2015, we were nine months behind the Hotel Santa Rita. We have now caught up to their timeline.
  • What type of economic impact will the new Convention Center have on the Midland economy?
    Over the next 20 years, the new Center will generate at least $130,000,000 of economic impact for Midland. This includes direct revenue for the City, hotel room nights and day spending for people coming to our downtown.
  • We already have the Horseshoe, that’s all the space we need right?
    Over the past 3 years, the Midland Center has averaged over 335 events per year. Many of the events are multi-day events. The Convention Center host more than 430 event days per year. Even with the recent expansion of Midland County’s Horseshoe Pavilion and Arena, there is still a need for more meeting space in Midland.
  • How will Midland pay for this building?
    Unless you stay in one of the many hotels of Midland, you will not be paying for this facility. Funding from the Hotel Occupancy Tax (HOT) will pay for this facility and sustain the building into the future. The events and conventions that bring in visitors from out of town and stay in our hotels will be paying for the building they are coming into town to use.
  • We don’t need another facility…we need new roads, safety personnel, and better schools!
    HOT monies (Hotel Occupancy Tax) can only be used to promote tourism and travel in Midland. The state of Texas has strict laws that dictate how these funds can be used. This includes reporting procedures group like the VisitMidland (Convention and Visitor’s Bureau) and Midland Convention Center must file to ensure. We have planned our debt service to minimize or eliminate any impact on other groups that use HOT monies.
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